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Wagyucoin (WGYU) is a fun and accessible cryptocurrency that combines the stability and security of Bitcoin with the community-driven, meme-friendly spirit of Shibacoin and Dogecoin. Wagyucoin aims to become the next widely adopted digital currency, emphasizing inclusivity and ease of use for both newcomers and experienced crypto enthusiasts. The project seeks to provide a platform for decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts, enabling a wide range of use cases within its ecosystem.

NOTE: Wagyucoin will be available on a crypto exchange soon and is currently available for mining. Please follow the link above to mine now.


Name: Wagyucoin

Symbol: WGYU

Block Time: 2 min

Block Reward: 100 WGYU

Max Supply: 80 Million

Premine: 1%

Consensus: PoW

Mining Algo: SHA256

RPC Port: 15901

P2P Port: 15902


Behind the Banter

Accessibility and User-Friendliness: Wagyucoin will prioritize user-friendly interfaces and educational materials to make cryptocurrency accessible to a broader audience. The goal is to create a welcoming environment for both beginners and experienced users.

Community Engagement: Wagyucoin will actively engage with its community, encouraging participation and feedback. Regular community events, contests, and partnerships will be established to foster a sense of belonging and ownership among Wagyucoin holders.

Decentralization: Wagyucoin will work towards enhancing decentralization by promoting widespread node distribution and minimizing the influence of large mining pools. This will ensure a more resilient and censorship-resistant network.

Scalability and Efficiency: The project will focus on implementing technological advancements to enhance scalability and transaction speed while maintaining a low environmental impact. Solutions such as layer 2 scaling and energy-efficient consensus mechanisms will be explored.

Wagyucoin’s success will depend on a combination of technological innovation, community engagement, and strategic marketing to establish itself as a prominent and sustainable cryptocurrency in the market.


Mining Pool

Wagyucoin miners can mine Wagyucoin directly with their WGYU wallet or they can pool their mining resources together with other miners and pool mine with our official mining pool. Wagyucoin uses SHA256 mining algo which is integrated into all the major crypto mining software.

Blockchain Explorer

Stay up-to-date with the Wagyucoin blockchain status on our blockchain explorer. On there you will find transaction data, wallet balances, network stats, mining info, and more.



Establish core development team

Define project specifications and goals

Set up community channels and initiate marketing

Fork Bitcoin's codebase to create Wagyucoin

Implement necessary modifications and improvements

Conduct thorough testing to ensure stability and security


Launch Wagyucoin website and social media channels

Engage with the community through forums, AMAs, and
social media

Initiate marketing campaigns to raise awareness

Work towards listing Wagyucoin on major cryptocurrency

Continue community engagement and marketing efforts

Begin development of the smart contract platform


Implement and test smart contract functionality

Establish partnerships with developers and projects
interested in building on Wagyucoin

Conduct security audits

Launch Wagyucoin-based decentralized applications

Foster partnerships with businesses and merchants for
Wagyucoin adoption

Continue community outreach and engagement


Regularly update and improve the Wagyucoin protocol

Explore additional technological advancements and
scalability solutions

Expand the ecosystem through strategic partnerships and
community-driven initiatives


Yes, Wagyucoin utilizes SHA256 Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism for block generation and validation.

Transactions on Wagyucoin happen 5 times faster than on Bitcoin.

Yes, we provide desktop wallets on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

The premine allocation is strategically released over time to fund ongoing development, marketing, and ecosystem growth.

Block rewards are distributed among miners based on their contribution to the network's security and consensus.

Yes, Wagyucoin implements a halving event approximately every four years.

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